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Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author

Have you lost your self-worth from wounds of the past? Do you feel like you are just existing each day, and not living life with true purpose and intention?

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of family, career and life, and you don’t know how to gain a sense of balance to effectively manage it all?

Do you constantly feel frustrated, lost and stuck in a rut?

Are you unclear about your purpose and you need some guidance figuring it out?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are not alone and you have much in common with many of Lena’s clients.

As a certified Life Coach, Lena is committed to helping women of faith who desire more out of life and need help on how to get there.

Lena is passionate about creating a tailor-made plan for each of her clients, with solutions for those areas where they feel stuck.

Lena’s mission is to encourage, empower and elevate women of faith, as she helps them heal and win from within, so they can regain their confidence and reclaim their sparkle.


  • Encourage you to uncover your self-worth and gain clarity about your life
  • Encourage, inspire and motivate you to re-ignite your goals and dreams
  • Encourage you to heal from breakdowns and help you experience breakthroughs
  • Encourage you to find hope and realize that your past doesn’t define your future
  • Encourage you to live a life worth celebrating through pursuit of your God-given purpose
  • Encourage you to embrace the transformation process towards achieving a more fulfilling life


  • Empower you to embrace your unique and best self
  • Empower you to overcome limiting beliefs and capitalize on your strengths
  • Empower you to overcome your fears, obstacles and procrastination
  • Empower you to move your dreams from possibility to reality
  • Empower you to find your authentic voice
  • Empower you to discover the greatness that already exists within you


  • Elevate your self-awareness
  • Elevate your dreams, goals and vision
  • Elevate your confidence and happiness
  • Elevate your passion and purpose
  • Elevate your personal and professional progress and success

If any of this speaks to you, then you are invited to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Lena. (click here)

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