Client Feedback

Lena is truly a gift, and she has impacted my life on so many levels. Lena has always been there with words of encouragement. Through Lena’s life and the example she lives daily, I have learned to trust and depend on God.

Three things come to mind as I reflect on the life changing events Lena has supported and coached me through.  First when I was having difficulties with my teen daughter, Lena would come by, not only to counsel my daughter, but she spent quality time with her and engaged her in different activities.

This was long before Lena was blessed with her only daughter, Rachel.  Lena was a powerful and positive role model for my daughter.

I recall one memorable night when Lena responded to God’s voice, and she came to visit me at my home. She shared with me that she was exhausted from a long day at work, but didn’t want to put off the visit until the next day.  Before Lena left that night, she prayed over me.

I remember her asking God to send extra angels to watch over me and protect me.  The very next day, I was in a terrible car accident and by the grace of God, I walk away from this with just three small stitches over my eye.  My car flipped over three times and landed in a ditch.

God had his angels all around me, just as Lena had prayed for the night before.
Lastly, I reflect on when Lena came to visit me during the time was I was hospitalized. She bought me a little Woman’s Daily Devotional book as asked if I would read it daily.  This little book has helped me become a better person, wife and friend, as well as develop a closer relationship with God.

Today I can say I am alcohol and addiction free, living my life as an example of God’s love, grace and mercy.

So many attributes come to mind when I think of Lena and the amazing woman and Life Coach she is.  She is FAITHFUL to God and those she serves; she is CONSISTENT in her faith, compassion and work; and she is COMMITED to God and to encouraging, supporting and empowering others.

Veronica Brown, Tampa, FL

“God puts people in your life and I believe during this low place in my life with my mom being in ICU, God sent Lena to lift me out of the pit of hopelessness I was falling in. I love Jesus. He couldn’t come down himself, but he sent me an Angel to comfort and encourage me. Lena helped me to see beyond my current situation.

Nikki, Washington, D.C.

“I lost my faith last year and I no longer wanted to live. Lena would post quotes and messages that would talk to me. And I started seeing that losing my son wasn’t losing my faith. And he’s happier than he’s ever been with God. I continue to go to God in my rough hours, but I know he loves me. Thank you so much Lena.”

Sharon King, Baltimore, MD.

“During the years 2009-2012 were tough years to under employed or unemployed. Rarely in America history has it been harder to get jobs and promotions. Destiny Project helped people take positive steps through career transitions.

Lena played an important role on the Executive team of Destiny Project. She made presentations, counseled and coached, and relentlessly encouraged. She would do as much to help our clients as they were willing to receive.

She had the ability to be their servant without letting them be in charge. I endorse her for her compassion and her skill in bringing the best out of others”.

Lynn Howard, Founder of Destiny Project~Williamsburg, VA