Lena is a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and an Author. She approaches her work with the highest level of integrity and excellence. Her mission is to help women of faith heal and win from within, so they can regain their confidence and reclaim their sparkle.

Lena’s unwavering faith and hope in God, undoubtedly got her through some very difficult and heartbreaking seasons in her life. As Lena did the work to heal her broken pieces within, she also gained clarity around her passion to encourage other women of faith to uncover and realize their God-assigned purpose, beyond adversity and life’s disappointments.

Lena is authentic, compassionate and finds her greatest joy being of service to others. She has an empathetic listening ear and she brings a fresh perspective that offers solutions and fosters growth and success. Lena leverages her 20 years of Corporate Human Resources Consulting experience and her Bachelor's degree in Communication, to connect and work with amazing women. Lena’s goal is to help women of faith implement practical strategies that will empower them to move from a position of being stuck to one where they are thriving emotionally, personally and professionally.

Lena’s coaching is faith based and she takes an action-oriented approach that focuses on creating results. Lena uses her voice to share a message of hope and healing. She co-authored the book, A Threefold Cord Broken, and is currently working on her own book, expected to be released in 2019.


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